Rebooting the blog

Should I delete everything and start again? Probably.

Will I? No!

Old, out-of-date content is still good content. Here, have some even more:

Enjoy a nice new theme with a cool dark colour scheme.

Looking at that screenshot, clearly I need to fix that blogroll.

This blog is hereby repurposed thus: miscellaneous dumping ground for content that doesn’t fit on my main technology site:

Videogame stuff should eventually get its own dedicated space. It’s still fair game for my twitter account and my tumblr screenshot blog.

Years ago, on my last post here, I declared my intent to write about certain things in future. There were:

– Design considerations for videogames for children – not really an interesting topic for me any more. Basically, it comes down to pleasing both the kids and their parents.

– On the videogame website of the future – still a live topic.

– Iconic gaming icons – my plan was actually to make a set of free/public domain game-related svg icons. Still seems like a cool project. This would include controller buttons, useful for inlining in text. But also ‘iconic’ objects like the key, heart, sword, AR15-like rifle.

– A gaming lexicon – basically, a set of micro-blog posts on all the game genres, conventions, and main concepts. I might as well start it off.

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