Launching the Mental Conflux wikis

This weekend I got a new domain and some hosting and used it to set up a copy of Wikity. This is a WordPress-based wiki platform inspired by Federated Wiki. I’m going to use it to collect links, post short comments, and play with non-linear hypertext around my subjects of interest. I’ve set up a handful of sub-wikis for various topics. I might add more later.

Here’s what we’ve got now:

Main hub. Collects content posted to the sub-sites.

Art, entertainment, culture.

Videogames: stuff I’m playing or anticipating, reviews, game design analysis.

Abstract and psychological exploration. Philosophy.

Technology, mostly of the information and communication sort. Web development, programming, Internet. This subdomain belongs on the ‘professional’ branch of the org chart, along with @jasonxsackey and my Medium blog.


Edit: Some reorganising. Added idea, repurposed culture. Perhaps the focused sociology stuff will move to a new subdomain I’ll make later. Either way, stuff’s going to overlap and overspill. tech and game will include stuff about their respective subcultures, and wider cultural stuff.