Of overlapping magisteria

Whereas my other site, and my other twitter account, will focus on technical matters of web development and associated topics (like programming more generally, interface design, usability, and business and cultural issues around the industry), here is where I’m free to post about anything I’m interested in.

Here, as in this site mentalconflux, and my twitter account @mentalconflux.

The reason for the sharp focus of the other site is marketing. Let that one be the one that comes up when you Google me. My professional side.

Here I’ll explore my other interests. Like videogames. But that one might need its own separate site too…

Even so, there will be cross-linking between all my sites. The intertwingularity of all things demands it.

Probable candidate posting topics: films, novels, music, science fiction, philosophy, original fiction. And as a decidedly unprofessional blog, I give myself permission to discuss things inappropriate for workplace discussion: politics and religion.

I’m committing to regular blog posting elsewhere, here will be irregular.

Welcome, readers.

P.S. there’s a good reason my blog doesn’t have comments. I’ll write about this in detail later.